Why might I need to see a physical therapist?

According to the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, rehabilitation services are often required or recommended if:

  • You had an accident or you have an injury or chronic condition that has left you with pain or limited function;
  • You’re contemplating or recovering from surgery;
  • You have an illness or treatment for an illness that has diminished your energy or ability to move easily;
  • You’re recovering from the effects of a stroke or other problems related to nerve damage;
  • You have chronic pain from arthritis, a repetitive stress injury, or back problems;
  • Excess weight makes it difficult to exercise or has caused health problems;
  • You think you’re too old to exercise; or
  • Life changes such as childbirth or menopause have created new challenges to your physical function.

There are several questions you may want to ask your physical therapist. Click here for a printable list.

  • What is your area of expertise?
  • Are you certified?
  • Is your facility one-on-one?
  • Where will we meet? At the facility or at my home?
  • How long will I need treatment?
  • What will I gain from this treatment?
  • Are there any exercises that I should be doing at home in between visits?