What type of plan and provider network should I choose?

Health insurance companies offer consumers different types of plans. Depending on the type of plan you buy, your care may be covered only if you see an in-network provider. Your plan may also require you to pay more or get a referral if you choose to receive care from a provider that is not part of your plan’s network. Generally, plans with smaller networks or those that require referrals are less expensive than those that offer more choice of providers. For more information on provider networks and plan choice, please click here.

There are several ways to check to see if a specific provider is in a plan’s network. It is important to check the provider network for your specific plan, since a health insurance company can have different networks for different plans.

To see if a specific provider is considered in-network for a given plan, you can check the health insurance company’s website, call the company’s customer service number, or, if the plan is offered through the Marketplace, check the provider directories available on healthcare.gov when shopping for a plan.