What should I know about patient safety for a hospital-based procedure?

As a patient, it is your job to be an active partner in your healthcare. Before having a procedure, make sure that you understand your medical condition and the medications and procedures used to treat it. If you have a question, ask it.

When you are in the hospital, the notes in your charts are all standardized so that every doctor or nurse who comes in to see you can pick up right where the other left off. If you or your caregiver have any questions at any point during or after your procedure, you should ask questions and repeat back any new information given regarding your care.

When you are in the hospital, be sure to wear your ID bracelet at all times and make sure the information on the bracelet is correct.

All medication prescribed while you are in the hospital will be documented. When you are discharged, you will receive a full medication list. Whenever medication is given to you, you should feel comfortable asking what the medication is for and whether it will interfere with anything else you are currently taking.

Being your own advocate in a hospital setting is one of the best things you can do to maximize your health outcome.