What happens if I have trouble paying my medical bills?

There are a few options. Many people don’t know that medical bills are negotiable. Negotiations can take place through a hospital or provider’s office, or through your insurance company. Check with those sources to see if there’s a way to lower your bill or come up with a payment plan.

Make sure you’re prepared before entering negotiations. A few tips:

  • If you spot a possible discrepancy in your bill or realize you may need help with the payment, reach out to your doctor, hospital or insurance company to see if they can help.
  • Keep records of doctor’s visits and hospital stays, as well as the names, locations, and contact information of anyone you speak with following treatment – especially those who work in billing.
  • Websites such as Healthcare Bluebook and FAIR Health Inc. are free resources that track prices of medical procedures across the country and provide a fair rate estimate for procedures in your area.
  • Make sure you understand the coverage provided to you by your health insurance plan. This will allow you to double check your medical bill to be sure charges that should have been covered are not included on your bill.