Should I consider my current health when choosing a plan?

You should consider how much care you think you may need during the year. While no one can predict each time they will get sick or injured, we generally have a pretty good idea of any conditions or health problems we have, how often we see a healthcare provider, and how many medications we take. If you require a lot of health services or medications, a more generous plan (like platinum or gold) might be a better fit for you. If you don’t anticipate needing many services, a bronze or silver plan might be best. Remember that preventive services and immunizations are provided at no cost. Also, under the law, in 2019, plans cannot have an out-of-pocket maximum greater than $7,900 (or $15,800 for a family plan). This means that you will not have to pay more than this amount in deductible, co-pays or co-insurance no matter how much covered care you get in a plan year. Furthermore, plans cannot have an annual or lifetime limit on essential health benefits.