How should I prepare to change jobs or move to a new city?

There are so many changes and decisions involved in moving to a new job or a new city. In terms of maintaining your health and well-being, one of your first considerations should be the need for a new doctor. Whether you are moving to a new city and need to find someone new, or have to switch doctors because of a new insurance plan, switching doctors requires planning.

Before you leave your current doctor:

  • Schedule one last visit to get a status report on existing and recurring health conditions.
  • Check with your health insurance plan to see which doctors are available in your new network. Ask family, friends and co-workers if they recognize or recommend any of the doctors on the list.
  • Get an appointment with the new doctor before officially leaving the current one.
  • Ask your current doctor to release your medical records to the new one.
  • Keep your own copies of medical records that relate to any health issues you may have experienced in the last five to six years.

Once you’ve chosen a new doctor:

  • Schedule an introductory appointment to get to know the new doctor (especially if this doctor will be serving as your primary care physician). That will ensure that the first time you meet them is not when you are sick or injured.
  • Write down a list of questions for the new doctor.
  • Make sure the new doctor has received your medical records.