Changing Your Coverage During Open Enrollment

Each year, consumers who buy health insurance through the Marketplace can pick a new health insurance plan during the Open Enrollment period. If you are currently enrolled in a Marketplace health insurance plan, you can renew, update, or change your plan for 2019.

  • Renew. If you like your current coverage, you can stay in your plan. If you are enrolled in a Marketplace health insurance plan that will no longer be available in 2019, the Marketplace will match you to a similar health plan offered by a different health insurance company unless you pick a new plan on
  • Update. To ensure you receive the correct amount of financial assistance, it is critical that you return to to update your income and household information. . You could qualify for more or less financial assistance than last year. This will also help you avoid paying money back when you file taxes.
  • Change. To make sure that you get the plan that best meets your needs, you should look at the plans available in your area and compare them to your current plan or the plan you were matched to. Always make sure that your doctors and prescription drugs are covered before selecting a plan. Prices and certain aspects of your plan, such as covered benefits, prescription drugs, and doctors may be different from last year. Your health and finances can change too. There may be a plan that is a better fit for you, especially if you experienced or expect a change. If you don’t select a plan before December 15, you will be automatically enrolled in the plan you were matched to by the Marketplace.

Here are some key dates to keep in mind:


The Marketplace will send a notice with general information about open enrollment, including whether you have been matched to coverage offered by a different health plan or need to take action to avoid losing financial assistance.

Your health insurance company will send a notice letting you know if your current coverage will not be available in 2019.

By November 1, you will receive information from your current health plan or the plan you were matched to about any changes in your coverage, such as premium and deductible, estimated financial assistance (if applicable), and covered benefits.


Open Enrollment begins on November 1. You can update your 2019 application on and review the plans available in your area. To review the 2019 health plan you were matched to, see the “Current or Alternate Plan” under your plan results. Update your application and confirm your plan selection by December 15.

You may receive additional information from your health plan about changes in your coverage, including more up-to-date information about your eligibility for financial assistance (if applicable).

Late November/Early December

You will receive a billing statement for January coverage. If you have questions about the plan you were matched to, like whether your doctor or prescription drugs are covered, contact your new health plan or the Marketplace. You can also return to to see all the plans available in your area or select a different plan.

December 15

Update your application and confirm your plan selection by December 15. This is the final deadline to enroll in coverage for 2018. If you do not enroll by this date, you will not be able to enroll in coverage unless you experience certain life events and qualify for a special enrollment period.


Pay the January premium by your new health plan’s deadline. Your coverage will not start until you make your first premium payment. You can learn more about this process and how your coverage may be impacted on